Welcome to the Balearic Islands

Sailing, anchoring, mooring. What do you want to do?

In the Balearic Islands you have all the possibilities. Scenery, sea, our protected islands are waiting for you. Everything is ready: the sailing facilities, the services, the professionals, the great cuisine, the Mediterranean culture and hospitality of our people. We are happy to help you make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Feel the breeze on your face, sunbath, leave the waves to rock you, dive in and listen to the silence ... In the Balearic Islands you have 365 days to enjoy and over 1000 km of coastline.

In our islands you will find boats of every type and length, water sports facilities and first class services. No sea lover would change the feeling of sleeping on sheltered waters, comfortably in the cabin, leaving the waves to gently rock him/her. In the Balearic Islands there are endless white sand beaches and sheltered coves where anchoring becomes a pleasure, after a wonderful day of sailing. In some of these places you will have to use mooring buoys to preserve posidonia endemic algae, which is protected in all of our islands.



The lighthouses at the port of La Savina, La Mola and Es Cap de Barbaria are located in places of incomparable beauty that deserve a visit thanks to their spectacular scenery.

Formentera has three lighthouses: one at the port of La Savina, another at La Mola and the third one at Cap de Barbaria. The lighthouse of La Mola is the oldest one and the most important. This island's highest lighthouse, was built on a 120-metre-high cliff. Enjoying the sunrises and sunsets from this point is an unforgettable, magical experience according to famous writer Jules Verne, who used the lighthouse as the setting for a brief episode in his novel Hector Servadac and who is commemorated by a plaque at the site.

Es Cap de Barbaría is another magical point on the island, where the lighthouse illuminates the horizon with its beam of light over the rocks and cliffs. A watchtower that used to protect the island from invaders stands a short distance from the lighthouse. The third lighthouse is located in the port of La Savina, the only port on the island where strolls can be taken to admire the boats moored there. Two very striking itineraries begin at the port: one that follows the coast, from which the islands' finest beaches can be admired, and another route inland on foot through the nature zone of S'Estany Pudent.

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