Refit and Repair: state-of-the-art services even for world-class yachts.

Palma is the centre of operations for this activity. The city puts its products on the market offering high quality services plus the city's facilities and attractions as an added bonus.

Repair and maintenance services for world-class yachts enjoyed rapid growth towards the late 90's, and have continued to  grow non-stop since then thanks to the high quality they offer, allowing them to enter into direct competition with other commercial centres of the sector in the western Mediterranean.  French port rates increased markedly after the application of certain legal norms and Palma began to attract clients by offering reasonable prices and high quality services which improve constantly.


Nowadays is in the process of lowering its port rates which are currently almost as low as Majorcan rates. Therefore Majorcan businessmen are committed to maintaining a very high standard of quality services in order to keep their competitive edge. Much effort has also gone into ensuring that the environment is given priority by developing work systems that avoid dumping wastes into the sea.

The city of Palma is especially interesting when considering where to keep a boat during winter because it has the added value of the city's full range of services.

Crews in charge of looking after boats during the low season greatly appreciate  being able to carry out needed work in a port which is  but a stone's throw away from the capital and that allows them to sail throughout the year, thanks to the mild weather. No matter the season it is easy to programme outings which, should the weather change for the worse, may be interrupted without further ado as it is easy to reach attractive protected areas of clean waters or one of the many yacht clubs and marinas which dot the islands and offer a full range of services.