Crete: Boat Trips

Being on an island gives you the chance to travel in the seas around your destination. On Crete from several ports there are boat trips offered to beautiful beaches like Prevelli Palm Beach, Gramvousa and Balos or Phalasarna. Than on the south east coast from Ierapetra you can go to Golden Island, or Chrissi, where you spend a day in a nature resort.

You can also book a sailing boat from Rethymno or Chania, Bali or Panormos. Here you can design your own program with the captain for 1 or more days.

Motor boat trips are offered to little island of Dias, where the only living creatures are the wild goats, Kri Kri.
From Elounda and Agios Nicolaos there is the boat trip to Spinalonga island until 1957 the leper colony on Crete

From Sitia there are trips to the Palm Beach of Vai.

Than of course there is the 1 day cruise to Santorini , which leaves in the summer from Rethymno and Heraklion
You can make almost all your holiday full with boat excursions from Crete.