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Leave your wake in the Mediterranean

The coastline of the European Islands is an inimitable beautiful landscape, which is based on the variety of its terrain, the transparency of the waters and the peculiarities of the small coastal bays, which are unique and hidden. The fascinating coastline of the Mediterranean islands is a good alternative to the large expanses of sand of some of the best known and most visited beaches in the world.

“Sometimes all seas seem one, particularly when the journey is long; sometimes each sea is a different sea. I have sailed the islands seeking out similarities and differences, comparing Sicily with Corsica, Majorca with Minorca. Getting to know the length and breadth of the Mediterranean is no easy task. We are never certain how far it extends, that is, how much of the coast it occupies and where it ends, on either land or sea. Ancient sages taught that the Mediterranean extends as far as the olive growths.

The Mediterranean is not merely geography. Its boundaries are drawn in neither space nor time. The Mediterranean shores have seen not only the silk route but also the crisscrossing of many others: routes of salt and spices, amber and ornaments, oils and perfumes, tools and arms, skills and knowledge, arts and sciences. Hellenic emporia were markets and embassies; Roman roads spread power and civilization; Asian soil provided prophets and religions. Europe was conceived in the Mediterranean” (Matvejevic, P.: Mediterranean: a cultural landscape).