Equipment & accessories

The Province of Oristano can offer different sale points in the nautical sector, each offering a wide choice of accessories for recreational boating, including any boat equipment to customize your boat and accessories to enjoy your leisure and holidays, spare parts and accessories for sailing or motor boats, yachts and pleasure boats.

All businesses are always on the cutting edge and can offer any kind of solutions, from traditional ones to the latest innovations on the market.

Also available are spearfishing and scuba-diving equipment and accessories, either for sea, lake or river activities.
Local shops can also supply any accessories for boat interior furnishing, from kitchen tools to rugs and pillows, tea tables and chairs, including generic items.

Therefore, our facilities can provide you with a wide range of products: from navigation instruments to the most extravagant items to customize your boats and make your journeys even more pleasant.

The wide range of available articles also include any personal sailing equipment, from clothing to technical instruments.