Food & Wine


Fish: Mullet (a common species in the Gulf of Oristano), eels, bottarga (dried mullet roe), Mrecca (local Mullet-based dish), Panada (specialty filled with meat and vegetables, or eels), Burrida, Azada, clams, sea urchins.


Meat: any local meat variety.


Pasta: Lorighittas, home-made pasta typical of Morgongiori.


Cheese: Pecorino (typical ewe’s milk cheese), casizolu (cow’s milk cheese produced in the region of Montiferru, typically pear-shaped) and many more cheese types of different flavours and tastes.


Sweets: the Province of Oristano can offer special cakes and pastries, such as ‘Gueffus’, based on almonds, ‘Mustazzolus’, ‘Zippulas’, ‘Gattò’, ‘Pabassinus’ and ‘Amaretti’.


Wine:  a wide choice of wines is available: the typical Vernaccia of Oristano, Malvasia of Bosa and a series of wines produced in the vineyards of the province. Excellent liqueurs based on local products, such as lemons, myrtle and oranges and the famous ‘Filu ‘e ferru’, aqua vitae of Santu Lussurgiu.