Beaches of the Province

Oristano Province offers hundreds of beaches and little coves hidden by rocks.














From north to south you can find: Bosa Marina (Bosa), S'Abba Drucche (Bosa), Turas (Bosa), Porto Alabe (Tresnuraghes), Noesola (Magomadas), Torre del Pozzo (Cuglieri), Santa Caterina di Pittinuri (Cuglieri),  S'archittu (Cuglieri) characterized for a huge natural rocky arch over the sea, Putzu Idu (San Vero Milis) a beach that offers sand, sea and numerous pubs, Funtana Meiga (Cabras), Is Aruttas (Cabras) famous for its white sand, Capo Sa Sturaggia (Cabras), Mari Ermi (Cabras), Is Arenas (Cabras), Sa Rocca Tunda (San Vero Milis), Su Pallosu (San Vero Milis), Sa Mesa Longa (San Vero Milis) is characterized for a long rock that closes the part of sea in front of the beach and creates a little closed "swimming-pool", Capo Mannu (San Vero Milis) wonderful  beach for nautical sports as diving and surf, Capo San Marco (Cabras) and San Giovanni di Sinis (Cabras) nice beaches near the ruins of Tharros, Torre Grande (Oristano) a beach that offers sand, sea and numerous pubs,  and a lot of other wonderful beaches along the coastline.