The Province of Oristano can provide a wide range of recreational chartering services in the nautical sector.

Various businesses located along the main beaches offer the opportunity to rent several types of boats: from motor boats of different sizes to sailing boats and inflatable boats, either requiring a nautical license or not, etc.

Any boat may be chartered autonomously or with the availability of a skipper.

The boat use may follow pre-set routes, such as excursions to the main tourist destinations and islets of the Province, or take a chance to organize one's own trips freely.

Chartering options depend on every single business and may include either a full-day or a hourly service, or a prolonged chartering package.

Chartering terms, including tariffs and terms of use, any caution deposit, requirement or insurance, etc. may vary according to the business involved.

Boat chartering may require previous booking depending on the period and the type of boat requested. This is why the involved business should best be contacted in advance to the expected date of actual use of a selected service.

Boat chartering is provided either for tourist purposes (excursions, even customized ones, skippered or autonomous trips, tours along the coastlines), sport activities (either with or without an instructor) or any events and/or occasions, including taxi-boat servic