The Province of Oristano is marked by a quality craftsmanship manufacture. Carpets and tapestries are woven according to ancient techniques and reproduce various patterns. A number of looms are still active in laboratories of the villages of Samugheo, Mogoro and Morgongiori. Oristano, instead, is a town boasting a renowned pottery tradition: pitchers, vases, plates and other fittings made with local clays have made it ‘the town of ceramics'.

Craftsmanship also includes wrought iron and woodworking; also remarkable is stone cutting manufacture, employing trachyte and basalt rock, coming from quarries of the upper region of Oristano, to create artefacts for building as well as elegant furnishing items. Asphodelus is used in basketry, typical of the villages of Flussio and Tinnura; the small town of Bosa is well-known for filet crochet (fine lace embroidered onto a mesh), red coral and filigree jewellery (the latter being obtained by interweaving special, most thin gold and silver threads).