The Province of Oristano

The Province of Oristano is marked by a wide range of cultural resources, a natural landscape of a large extent and high quality as well as historic and archaeological resources, ancient traditions, an excellent food-and-wine tradition and a renowned hospitality.
Sea, hill, mountain, white sandy beaches, lagoons, rivers, lakes and a constant Mediterranean climate (a fertile land upon which mistral wind blows)… this is only a part of the Province of Oristano, known for its environmental treasures.  

The lagoons of the region of Oristano are unique as to their extension in Sardinia and host pink flamingos. The woodlands of the Barigadu and Montiferru regions are home to colonies of Sardinian deer. Griffon vultures nest in the cliff faces standing out in the sea of Capo Marrargiu, while the Giara plateau, in the inland, gives its name to a breed of small horses that is sole of its kind worldwide: the small horses of Giara, living in the wild state.  
Sports enthusiasts are spoilt for choice. Sailing, canoeing, fishing in the lake Omodeo and in rivers, including Tirso and Temo, the latter being the only navigable river in Sardinia, from its mouth to the inhabited centre of Bosa. Also, tennis, horse-riding in the several centres scattered through the province (Oristano is called ‘the horse land'); windsurfing along the coast and golfing at the facilities available in the fields of Is Arenas.
Food-and-wine The Province of Oristano is the kingdom of gourmets: from fresh fish and seafood from the coastline to cheese, meat and cured meats from inner areas, always accompanied by excellent wines from local vineyards.
Wildlife, landscape, sports, food-and-wine… and culture. Nuraghi, Nuragic villages, the vestiges of ancient Phoenician and Roman settlements such as Tharros, Cornus, Fordongianus and its thermal baths; the castles of Bosa and Laconi, the sacred well and the cult of waters at Santa Cristina, the philosopher Antonio Gramsci's house-museum in Ghilarza…

The Province of Oristano is a never-ending surprise.