The sea and the islands, gems set in a sea of sapphire

Tears of lava, limestone plains swept by the wind, sunny lands the colour of bronze: one by one the islands decorate the Sicilian coast like a string of pearls on the neck of a beautiful woman.

There are fourteen of these daughters of Sicily, not including Motya, which at low tide is sometimes linked to the coast of Marsala. Fourteen paradises of untouched beauty. Some have an African charm, such as the Pelagie, in the province of Agrigento, and Pantelleria in the province of Trapani. Others, the uncontested mistresses of the sea and its secrets, Levanzo, Favignana, and Marettimo, form the archipelago of the Egadi in the sea off Trapani. Further north, in splendid isolation, is Ustica, the island of Circe, with its unspoilt marine reserve. And in the Aeolian islands, in the province of Messina, water meets fire.

Here nature still dictates. Its rhythms, and travellers can let themselves be enchanted by the magic spell of the fishermen and farmers who inhabit these isles, the last custodians of the ancient Mediterranean traditions. The choice is yours - between the lively throngs on the Aeolian Islands, the peace and quiet Pelagie, and the perfumes of the Egadi.

The sea is perennially the colour of sapphire, the domain of dolphins and swordfish. And so it has been since the dawn of time.




Sicily, the largest and most populated of the islands in the Mediterranean, is centrally located equidistant from the Strait of Gibraltar and the Suez Canal, being like a bridge between East and West The island with its minor islands, (Egadi, Aeolian and Pelagi), extreme southern border of Italy, has always been for its wonderful coastline and landscapes the source of inspiration for poets and writers who elated its beauty. "Italy without Sicily leaves no an image in the spirit only here is the key to everything." Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

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