The nautical tourist visiting Sicily

The nautical tourist, visiting Sicily, has the opportunity to enjoy numerous trails and different tour , not only along the coasts, but also inland.

The island is like a large container of art, history, traditions and beautiful landscape which can gratify the different needs of the tourists, national or international. The island is the natural continuation of the Italian peninsula from which it is separated by only 3 km, thus providing in the north an easy access to Italy and in south to the Malta Island, which is only 93 km. To confirm the interest to visit the island by boat, are an increasing demand of mooring and of rent boats, and an improving of the offer in quality and quantity. The Foreign demand in the charter companies, is not exclusively European, because there are also many American tourists which rent boats to go around the island.

The economic impact is significant because it was calculated that, on average, in Sicily sailors spend € 71.40 (for transportation, food, shopping and entertainment) for a total exceeding 39 million Euros, generating very important profit to the economy and local companies.

As for the foreigners, the nautical tourist flows are concentrated between April and November, while the Italians have registered 71% of their nautical overnights in July and August. Among the foreigners are outnumber the French and Germans, followed by English, Spanish and Maltese tourists.


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