Sicily is situated in the southern Mediterranean, no more than 100 miles from the north African coast, so it has the benefit of sunshine for much of the year, but the climate varies according to the zones.

The finest weather is usually found around the coast, where the climate is typically Mediterranean, characterized by mild rainy winters and hot dry summers. Here the summer temperatures hover around to the 30° C and in winter the thermometer never falls below 7°C, maintaining an average of between 10° and 13°C.

The southern and western coasts, because of their proximity to Africa, are hotter than anywhere else on Sicily, and for six months of the year are affected by the sirocco wind, at times bringing fine Sahara sand.

Sicily's interior presents a different situation , Summer days are extremely dry and hot, with little or no respite until sundown, when an evening breeze cools the land.
During the short winters (December to February, with the coldest month being January), the weather can be very cold, especially after dark, like as a continental climate.